A twenty first century circus for the people

Stage 4

The Circus as a performance art and entertainment was of high value a couple centuries ago. However, it has been pushed out by cinemas and other modern entertainment, and the Circus as we know it today is the travelling tent Circus.


This project explores bringing the permanent Circus back to Glasgow and use this to educate and benefit the lower priority in the society, with education through circus activities for children who struggle in school, through ‘unconscious learning’. This provides an Education Centre as well as a performance space.

Sectional model
Circus performance space
Technical section
The Roman Circus
Translucency of facade depending on programme
Facade model
Facade model
Development model of light into the circus space
Facade ventilation system
Exploded axonometric
External public space
Training spaces
Main entrance
Site plan
Long section
South Elevation

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