A loop of resources as a creator of new architectural value

Stage 5

Loop of resources with the possibility of changing the architectural expression these components cre

Can abandoned 20th century industrial buildings be deconstructed and reused, in order to retain resource value and respond to the changing city?


The thesis explores the possibilities of deconstructing abandoned industrial 20th Century buildings for the potential of reusing all their materials and elements to create new buildings for different functions. It is a response to the changing needs of the city and the large amount of demolition and construction waste in the construction industry. 

Elements and materials from 20th Century warehouses that are considered to be of a low architectural value are taken in use for testing their ability and future as a base for new public buildings. A catalogue of elements can be used to promote the modern production of reuse and remaking, seen as an important and publicly accessible activity, therefore creating a monumental space expressing the importance of remaking in the modern world of consumerism.

I am testing this in the district of Den Dam in the north east of the city centre, where I have identified thirty three warehouses that are abandoned or that lack potential for adaptation for new use. All elements and materials that these buildings are made up of have been catalogued and studied, which has been taken in use when designing the new buildings. The entire masterplan is made up of new buildings, determined by the amount of materials available.

In order to test new expressions with the elements they have been tilted, rotated and combined in different ways, allowing larger spaces to be created and new textures to be explored.

The programme of the building explores the push of remaking, made up of workshops for professional and for public use. The process consists of a waste collection point, going through to workshop spaces, and with remade and fixed objects being sold at the market. Additionally there is a teaching facility for sharing the knowledge of making and remaking, so that it is accessible and available for everyone.

Workshop spaces
Model of brick wall segments reused as panels
Facade model
Circular use of elements
Programmatic concept collage
Concept model
Concept model
Concept model
City map showing current and former industrial areas
District plans
Original warehouses
Catalogue of materials and elements
Technical considerations to deconstruction and reuse
Development model
Development model
Structural model
Structural model
Internal free-standing structures
Teaching spaces
Facade of storage building
Workshop facade
Ground floor plan
Long section
Technical section

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